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Event Fee Protection (EFP)

Event Fee Protection allows for a future credit if you cannot make an event for any reason. Cancellations must be made by the end of the event to

Current members get a %100 credit.
Guests get a %75 credit.

Severe Weather or Unsafe Condition:

If an event is unable to be held due to severe weather or other unsafe condition prior to the start of the event, credit to another event of same value will be given. There must be no driving for this to happen.

Decibel Level Policy:

Many race tracks have a decibel level requirement that you must abide by. Team Pro-Motion does not check noise levels during tech. Stock exhaust systems are not usually a problem. However, IF you have modified your car with a competition or other aftermarket exhaust components or systems, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify that the car is within track noise requirements. Team Pro-Motion does NOT check sound levels, but many tracks are using portable sound meters to verify compliance. IF the TRACK flags you for excessive noise, your day will be forfeit with no credit due.

Event Rules:

-No alcoholic beverages will be consumed during a track event until the event is over by any person or party. Any person drinking and or taking drugs while driving will be immediately excused from the premises and will lose the ability to ever participate with Track Time 4 Cars.

-Medications that may impair the driver in any way must not be taken.

-Each driver will be responsible for their actions on and off the racetrack. Crew and family members are the responsibility of each participant.

-If a lawsuit is a consideration then you should not be participating and have the right not to. There are risks, read the waiver.

-Participants are responsible for property damage to air barriers or other facility or Track Time property due to an accident or other act.

-Emergency transport will be charged to the driver at $300 per transport.

-Do not listen to music while driving on the track. Eliminate distraction.

-Family and friends are welcome. There will be designated areas for spectators.

-All dogs must be kept on a leash at other tracks and must be cleaned up after or you will be asked to leave.

-All participants must sign a waiver form at the gate and at registration before entering the track with their proper name and information.

-Any participant who switches or drives in a group they are not registered for will be asked to leave for the day no credit or refunds given.

-No selling or exchanging of space to another driver without prior permission of a Track Time 4 Cars' official.

-Driving another participant's car without prior notification to a Track Time 4 Cars registration official will NOT be accepted.

-Any driver passing improperly will be warned on the first offense. Same offense twice the driver will loose one session. Three infractions the driver will loose the day with NO refunds given.

-Participants must complete and apply a Medical Data Carrier that will be worn on the left lower side of their helmet while participating.

-Proper personal equipment including a late model quality helmet, SNELL2007 or later model, long sleeve shirt and pants are required. Shorts or sandals are not permitted.

-Drivers may request group changes to an official. If approved, the driver must sign off. The vehicle will receive a new tech group sticker.

-There will be no stopping on the track for any reason unless a black flag is being shown.

-Vehicles that run off the track or crash must re-tech before entering the track and continuing the day.

-Dropping a wheel off the track twice in one day will end the day for that driver with no refund.

-Reckless driving will not be tolerated on or off the track. Pit speeds and all track internal roadways will be limited to 10 m.p.h.

-All participants must attend the drivers meeting. Failure to do so results in no driving or refunds.

-Sound levels may be enforced. No refunds or credit will be given. Please check with the tracks policies.

-Participants must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid drives license. Some restrictions may apply.

-Passengers must be at least 18 years of age. Passengers may only ride when designated by an official.

-It is the responsibility of each participant to carry current personal health insurance in case of an accident. No health insurance will be available through Track Time 4 Cars or Team Pro-Motion.

-In car video equipment must be permanently mounted and is subject to Track Time 4 Cars approval during tech inspection. Drivers adding video equipment post tech may be subject to ejection without refund.

-Officials have final say. If a driver is excused from the day due to rules infraction, consistent driver infraction or unsafe driving, no refunds will be given. Driving with -Track Time 4 Cars or Team Pro-Motion is a privilege and may be revoked as is the membership


Car Only Events:

Drivers may look toward a full day at the wheel. Track Time 4 Cars is a professionally run organization which offers maximum track time. Expect 4-sessions prior to lunch break, and 3 to 4-sessions in the afternoon. We ask that our valuable participant drives within their skill level and that everyone takes responsibility for their own actions. WARNING: We take our rules seriously and we do excuse drivers for not driving consistently or out of control. Driving on the track can be an incredible experience, but for the one driver who refuses to understand the seriousness of this activity, one of two things may happen.

  1. The driver who is not following our guidelines is excused for the day without refund
  2. The driver who is not following our guidelines excuses themselves prematurely and hopefully without injury.

A limited number of cars will run per skill group for safety. When running independent from motorcycles, the skill groups will be as follows:

Skill groups will run separately starting with Red group, followed by the White group, and finishing with the Blue group.

Each skill group will drive approximately 20-minute sessions per hour and will run 7-sessions.

Endurance Shared Events (With morocycles)

A shared track event will be one where CARS run in their respective group and MOTORCYCLES run in their separate respective group. When running these type events, car drivers of all skill groups will be placed on track together and must abide by special rules. Novice drivers must take a mandatory Advanced Driver Training Level 1 school. Novice spaces to drive will be limited in participation during this format. During ENDURANCE events, cars will run on track for 30-minute sessions on the hour. Expect to run approximately 7-sessions. Please make sure your equipment is capable for this extreme amount of track time.

One Car / Two Drivers:

If drivers are to be splitting a car in the same skill level group the second driver will pay a reduced rate of $50 off of the "going rate" depending upon the membership level and time frame of registration.

If two drivers are driving one car but are in different skill groups, the rates remain as normally listed.


Passengers may purchase a "Day-Pass" and may drive with a registered driver of either the RED or BLUE run skill level group. No more than one passenger per vehicle will be permitted. Passengers must sign the waiver and participate with the same safety gear as drivers. "Day-Pass" is $35.

General Car Event Guidelines:

First time and novice track drivers must attend the ADT School level 1 classroom discussion.

Arrive at 7 am. Registration and Tech are a one-step process.

Drivers meeting will be held 8 or 8:30 depending upon the track. Announcements are made.

Driving starts either 8:30 or 9 am depending upon the track.

All drivers must wear and display the wristband for the day.

Passing will not be allowed without the use of hand signals.

Novice drivers will pass only on straight sections. Intermediate and Advance pass outside only.

Car density will be very limited for safety reasons.

New and novice drivers must place an 'X' in bright orange tape on the rear bumper.

Novice drivers will be released onto track behind advanced drivers.

Cones will designate braking, apex and exit markers for visual aid.

Cars must pit in an area designated for them in the paddock.

Drivers must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid drivers license.

Drivers must have current health coverage in place.

There is no health coverage offered at Track Time 4 Cars.

Anyone repeatedly driving in an unsafe manner or ignoring the track rules will be ejected from the event without a refund.


Yellow - Caution, something is in need of your attention but continue as you were.

Yellow Waiving - Caution, there is problem and a hazard on the track surface. No passing until after the incident. Do not brake hard as to cause a problem.

Red - Displayed at all stations signifying that the track is shut down and all drivers are to pit-in and line back up. If displayed with at Checkered Flag the session is over.

Black - Pointed directly at the driver. A mechanical problem has occurred with your car and we ask that you pull off immediately in the safest possible spot.

Black with Orange Circle - A problem or issue has arose that you must pit-in and speak with the track marshal. Displayed only at pit-out.

White - Displayed at all stations signaling that this is a warm up lap and there is no passing.

Checkered - The session has ended and drivers are to pit-in.

General Car Event Guidelines:

All cars must pass our tech inspection or they will not be accepted for the track.

Tires must be free of stress cracks and have at least 50% of tread life and no less than 3/32-inch of tread. Performance shaved tires acceptable upon approval.

Proper air pressure must be checked.

Wheels must be free of cracks and damage.
Wheel lug bolts must be set to proper torque specifications.

Brakes must have at least 50% of original material.

Steering should not have excessive play.

Battery terminals must be tight and in good condition. The positive terminal should be covered. The battery must be securely mounted.

Safety belts must be in good condition and proper working order.

Spare tires and jacks must be solidly mounted or removed.

No loose objects are allowed in the interior. Glove compartments should be emptied or locked.

No oil or fluid leaks.

Window glass should not be cracked or broken.

Convertible cars that have stock factory head restraints such as the Honda S2000 where the system extends past the top of the stock seat is now acceptable at the track. Vehicles that do not have head protection will not be accepted on the track without having an aftermarket roll over bar installed.

No SUV'svisual aid.