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TRACK TIME 4 CARS Track Time 4 Cars was formed in 2006. It all started when club president Glen Goldman fell in love with cars at the early age of ten and he started collecting small model cars. Glen not only loved cars but he rode motorcycles around the same time period. During his adolescent years, Glen mostly rode motorcycles every day, but his love for four wheels kept strong. In his early 20's, Glen purchased a sprint kart and won multiple races prior to graduating to enduro kart racing with the Woodbridge Kart Association where he placed top 5 in many races over a four year span.

Track time for Glen started in the late 80's when Glen trained with a top level Porsche racing team crewman lead by the late world renowned driver Al Holbert. Autocross events, track events and even some racing were just a few of Glen's hobbies, with a big win that came during a Ford Challenge Event with a Ford Bronco as the grand prize. Glen's passion for motorcycles led him racing and winning over 40 races and grabbing a regional championship back in the 90's. For over 15 years Glen has been teaching motorcycle riders the value of the track and how to improve skills that lead to confidence and control.

Track Time 4 Cars was formed just a few years ago as the perfect mate to the motorcycle division Team Pro-Motion, which has been operating safe, fun and educational events for over 14 years. Glen's vision was always to offer quality track time where riders and drivers could come and experience the ultimate environment to learn and have freedom unlike what the street offers. Track Time 4 Cars allows drivers of all skills to experience themselves, their cars and the track. The best thing about the track is the enjoyment, the fun, the stories and we look forward to you coming and driving with us

Professional Hi-Performance one on one training by some of the regions top level track instructors will be offered. Additional fees depending on the individual instructor, and type of training, will be discussed the morning of the event. In car coaching is made available through the club and is available by request the morning of the event. The difference between having an instructor as opposed to a coach will depend upon the intent of the participating driver. Instructors will train on specifics and Coaches will guide and give pointers on a limited time basis.
Instructors and Coaches are the only individuals approved to ride shotgun. Many tracks have imposed new rules which don't allow passengers. Track driving although extremely fun to share with friends is a serious sport which requires total concentration. TT4C prioritizes safety and fun therefore it is our job to uphold both in effort to have success. Special arrangements may be made if passengers who have a high level of track experience are riding for the sole intent of coaching and who are approved by the club and the track.
Try the track
During the lunch break many times we allow parade and sighting laps where a driver may see what the track is like compared to the street. This is open to the public and to having passengers with skilled drivers if approved by the club and the track.



Team Pro-Motion has offered motorcycle enthusiasts the option of riding on the rice track since 1997.

This controlled environment is a great way to learn and safely ride with the most freedom.

Riders safety and fun is our highest priority. Team Pro-Motion is regarded as one of the safest event providers by many tracks standards.

Join the club, register for the day, and ride like you've never ridden before.